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My girlfriend is "okay" with my smoking but brought this link to my attention just now.. mainly since I've been enjoying one everyday the past month or so. But notice how it assumes you inhale and it also says
"The health risk associated with occasional cigar smoking (less than daily) is not known."
As far as I know from watching a show on the Discovery Channel the "supposed" oldest known human without proof is was a man in Cuba who ate mostly fish and fresh fruits and vegetables along with smoking a cigar every day of his life.


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I'm not worried personally. All studies aside, i've worked in healthcare quite a few years now and know dozens of doctors who smoke cigars regularly. It can't be all that bad :)


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My fiance is always telling me that she is concerned for my health. With the amount that I smoke and the healthy lifestyle I live the rest of the time, I dont' think she needs to be too worried.

I don't know if that link to the study will help. But I will try.


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I tell my wife to mind her own damn business! :fu

Then I go get a paper towel for my nose bleed :hn

But seriously, smoking cigars and smoking cigarettes are obviously so far apart as to be non comparable. The dangers of cigar smoking might be similar to chewing tobacco, but even then your mouth is not in contact with the tobacco nearly as much, at least that is unless you chew your cigars.

The only real problem I see is when there is an indoor herf where the air is full of smoke and everyone is breathing it. But even that doesn't worry me, maybe i am just ignorant, but hey. The way I remember what I read was that most of the dangers of smoking cigarettes was the additives and that damn burning paper. With cigars, we have neither of the two, or at least I hope we don't. (you never know with Swishers, eh Klugs?) :r


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those damn pleasure police.

"Save the children, save the whales, save your soul." Just so you know I can take care of myself I am aware of the risks so please go save yourself. Would you like a cigar?


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Did you ever notice when you are at home and relaxed and watching the game or just doing something that you want to do. All of a sudden. OH Honey ! she yells. why is she bothering me now. She says, You wanna hear about my day or guess what the stove is broken,the lawn needs to be mowed. The best is. Can I have some money !!! They only bother you when they think you are having to much fun. Like a fun sucker as my kids would say to me.

As for cigar smoking is it safe. Does anyone realy know for sure. I do know one thing. I do not inhale. I savor the taste in my mouth for a few but no inhale.

Let them be concerned that is fine. In a way its good. It shows that they care. But do not ever let them suck up your fun and enjoyment.

You only live once ! Enjoy.


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RPB67 said:
Let them be concerned that is fine. In a way its good. It shows that they care. But do not ever let them suck up your fun and enjoyment.

You only live once ! Enjoy.

Well said! :w
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Better to Spit or Swallow?

Navydoc said:
This has to be one of the most comprehensive papers I've read concerning this topic....23 pages with real evidence based results...

Run this one by her and see what she says..... :ms
interesting the association between drinking(alcohol) and cancer. I have often thought about the fact that when I drink(anything) and smoke I tend to feel more nicotine effects than when I do not. The research seems to suggest tha there is an additive effect of drinking and smoking cigars as relates to cancers of the digestive system.

My question then, would be, is it better to spit or swallow?

I have often thought, and continue to think that spitting is likely safer. I think it is also important to consider that the reduction of a miniscule risk is still possibly not very significant: that is a 50%(or possibly more - I don't know the data) reduction of a < 1/1,000,000 risk simply make it a 1/1,500,000 risk... not very likely!

I dunno, interesting read. I need to dig up some of my data on the neuroprotective effects of nicotine - I used to read psych journals religiously and recall reading some interesting stuff. I recall nicotine having activity similar to acetylcholine - one of the major neurotransmitters associated with neurodegenerative diseases, memory, and recall function.

Interesting thread Daniel, and thanks for the links Paul!


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kenstogie said:
those damn pleasure police.

"Save the children, save the whales, save your soul." Just so you know I can take care of myself I am aware of the risks so please go save yourself. Would you like a cigar?
Nuke the whales! Also, if you want to save a tree, wipe your a$$ with an owl. Oh no . . . I think I just became a Republican again :D

BTW - I agree with you. I am adopting George Carlin's attitude to life the older that I get. I am finding myself very intolerent of the Nanny-No-No's out there trying to make my life as empty and miserable as theirs. I say, "F*** them!" If everybody minded their own business, we would all have a happier life.


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The way I look at things is we all have to die sometime. I'm going to enjoy myself while alive! I'd rather die a few years ealier and live a full life than to live a life of 'I can't eat that!', 'I can't do that', 'That's bad for me!'. Am I foolish and ignorant? Maybe, but I'm having fun!



My wife and I smoke together mostly, so there are no probs here!! She did smoke cigarettes long ago, which she gave up after the birth of our son 13 years ago.


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OK, I stopped reading the article at this line: "...and they deliver a large, addictive dose of nicotine."

First of all if anyone knows anything about how a cigar is manufactured you know that this statement is FALSE. A cigar is made up mostly of the leaves from the bottom to the mid section of the plant (where nicotine is at a minimum). Cigarettes on the other hand are made from the tiny leaves at the top of the plant (remember what tobacco there is in a cigarette is shredded) where the majority of the nicotine is. Also keep in mind that a cigarettte is ONLY 20% tobacco........what the heck is in the other 80%????
Cigars are 100% tabacco.
Which leads me to the "addictive" qualities of a cigar.......yes we all have a passion/like/love/interest in cigars. .........and yes some of our actions could be considered addictive behavior (man, can't wait for that next box to get delivered :D )but not addictive. People who stop smoking cigars or go thorugh periods of time between cibars do NOT go through what cigarette smokers go though when they don't smoke a cigarette or are trying to quit smoking cigarettes............hence; what in the heck is in the other 80% of a cigarette?

OK, I feel better now.


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My wife doesn't have an issue with me smoking cigars because I never say any thing about her cigarette smoking. I have mentioned once or twice she might want to think about giving it up, but she is an adult and can make her owned informed choice.


My wife is ok with it as long as I don't smoke in the house. Right now that is not a problem but I find myself wanting more and more to sit in my easy chair up in the game room with a cigar. Anyone have good experience with those room purifiers?

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To those elitist nitwits who ask me "what about the health-care costs that smokers push upon society?", I say " Well, better that than extending my life span to 85+ but spending the last 30 years of it sucking the public tit with Medicare, Social Security and all the other entitlements! :sb "


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My wife dosn't like me smoking. She gave up cigarettes three years ago for me before I started my cigar hobby. I have to tread lightly because of this.


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I stopped reading after this. "It is fueled in part by the efforts of the tobacco industry to glamorize cigars and the willingness of movie stars and athletes to be photographed smoking cigars."

Yes, that's right. I smoke cigars because The "industry" makes it look SOOOOO cool and Because I cannot think for myself, I smoke because Celebs and athletes also make it look cool. Yes, that's right, celebs and athletes are mere pawns of the Tobacco industry. :mad: