Gispert Natural Churchill


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I’ve found that I have been recommending this cigar fairly frequently to those looking for a starter cigar or a cigar to share with non-smokers and thought it would be worthwhile to contribute a review. I think some experienced smokers will be pleasantly surprised by this cigar as well, I still keep a few around for those times I want a different flavor profile and something a little milder.

Cigar: Gispert Churchill (Natural)

Size: 7 x 54

Filler: Blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos

Binder: Honduran

Wrapper: Connecticut seed, shade grown Ecuadorian

General Background: Rested in my humidor for about two weeks. This cigar was smoked outdoors under a live oak on a warm evening, without any sort of beverage to interfere with its flavors.

Prelight Impressions: Smooth, golden brown wrapper. Modest veins. This cigar looks huge and offers a subdued, sweet aroma. (8/10)

Construction: Great double cap. Uneventful and even burn requiring no touchups. Held about two inches of light grey ash. The draw offered only a slight resistance, perfect by my standards. (9/10)

Flavor: Mild bodied. Smooth and creamy, a peanut like flavor dominated the smoke. These flavor characteristics were constant throughout the cigar, all seven inches of it. (8/10)

Overall Impression: Very good albeit very mild. Construction is top notch with a great cap and a perfect burn. The flavor is excellent although it remains the same throughout the cigar which, at 7 inches, becomes a bit monotonous. Amazingly, this cigar only costs $2.50 making this mild and less than complex cigar a great buy. (8/10)

Score: 8.25


Lowland Gorilla
Thanks for the great review. I'm awaiting delivery of the Toro size, and seeing as though the flavor profile you describe sounds very appealing to me, I can't wait!


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If you're a maduro fan, definatly try the Gispert maduro line. Superior to the naturals, IMHO, and listed as one of CA's top 25 of 2005 (far and away the least expensive cigar on the list).


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Very nice review!

I find the churchill very appealing. My flavor inpression are that of a sweet woodiness, some nutty nuances and a constant sweet-spiciness which I love. It is one of my main go-to cigars!