Good Golfing Cigar?


with the wind, i usually will smoke a church and buy into the fact that it's not going to be "awesome."

I actually don't smoke on the golf course unless i absolutely have the urge, or someone gives me a cigar.


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I always smoke when I golf but leave the premium stuff in the humi. With the elements, walking when smoking, sweating if it is hot, moist hands, drinking gatorade, etc, I think it is really hard to appreciate more expensive sticks. I go mainly for large (chuchills or double coronas) sticks and some of my favorites are Bauza (although this season I have been out), RyJ, LGC, basically cheaper but tasty quality stuff. But as always, smoke what you like! :ss


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I don't golf personally, but I think the other's suggestions seem about right: something large in length and ring gauge, and tasty but not overly expensive. Personally, I'd likely go with a Flor de Oliva Torpedo (or possibly Churchill).


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Played today and had my usual: Flor de Oliva torpedo (natural).

On the golf course, I'm not able to savor every puff. Often I get a fast burn due to wind or riding in the cart. Sometimes I have to rush, and other times it goes out and I have to relight. At $2.00 a stick (or less?), I don't have to worry about any of that, and I always get a fine, tasty smoke in the process.


yeah...what all the people said about cheaper smokes. It's too hard to enjoy a good smoke while golfing. I usually limit myself to 2 dolla sticks on the links.


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Taboo sticks are my typical golf course sticks. Because of the price and general consistency, they make a great budget stick for the golf course. I don't want to worry about wasting a great cigar by neglecting it on the course, that why Taboo work well for me. But in the end I guess it is: smoke what you like :tu


I would agree with most people here so far too. I always dig into my stash for a large stick that isnt quite as pricey as the rest. Alot of the decision will be if I am going to riding or walking that day though.

germantown rob

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I love sig II's in tubos. I throw them right in the bag and evrybody likes em even if they don't smoke that much, good for morning, noon or midnight putting with the deans daughter:ss.


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Taboo Twist....I hear they are water proof and golf cart flip resistant. RIght Rob? :D

Seriously though I would recommend them since they do not go out very easy with all the packing that is stuffed into one cigar.


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The tubo is a good tip...makes sense.

I don't believe in a cheapie golf or yard cigar. Life is too short to smoke crap. Bright side is if you're hacking at least you're enjoying a nice smoke. Life can't be all that bad!:ss


I bought a box of Punch London Clubs for the course. Good for a couple of holes and as I am a walker, I have time to enjoy them.