Graycliff 1666 Pirate (torpedo 6 x 52)

First off, thanks to Joe_13 for giving me such a great smoke in the Newbie PIF ! :tu

Construction: It had a nice medium brown wrapper, slightly oily. There was a small crack on the foot (maybe 1/8 inch) but it never caused a problem. The cap was well made and nothing bad happened when I cut it. It had a perfect pre-light draw. There were a couple of medium veins - overall this cigar was very appealing.

Burn: I toasted the foot and then lit the stogie. There was a slightly crooked burn during the first 1/2 inch that self-corrected. After that the burn was pretty good until about an inch from the end - I had to touch it up then. The ash was a stark white with shades of gray seen underneath and it stayed firm - I ashed at 1/3 and 2/3 but not because I had too.

1/3: Smooth all the way, never harsh. Hints of earthy flavors popped up from time to time. Mild body.

2/3: Still smooth. Changed from mild to medium body almost the instant I eased the ash off for the first time. Smooth taste with hints of --- well, leather doesn't quite sound right but that's as close as I can get - it was good.

Last: Still smooth. Still medium bodied. The flavor changed again immediately after ashing (I must have good timing!). I can't place the flavor here, either - I can only call it "exotic". Cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, and coriander are all "exotic" while tasting nothing alike - this taste was nothing like any of those but still "exotic" in the same way. Occasional earthy hints popped up too.

The last two puffs left a sweet taste which was a nice surprise. With only 3/4 inch left I figured it was the perfect note to finish this nice cigar and I put the nub down.

Overall Impression: This cigar was a little intriguing. It brought to mind some of the descriptions I've read about some ISOMs - "smooth all the way with a changing taste as you progress through the smoke - tastes were never overpowering but were more mellow, almost just hints of tastes" and like that. This one is definitely on the short list of cigars to try again!!!

The draw was perfect from start to finish.

Two thumbs up! :tu :tu
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