Habanos Torres Robusto


Today I went to Tim's shop with a couple friends. Tim rolled a couple sticks while we watched, then he made me a special one as a bday gift. If you get jealous easily, hit the "back" button on your browser now :)

Cigar: 5ishx50, rolled about 5 minutes prior to lighting, using 30 year old tobacco.
Weather: 84 degrees, slight breeze
Setting: In front of Habanos Torres, in a small strip mall in Mesa, AZ.
Pairing: Water and Diet Mountain Dew
Total smoke time: 1 hour and 45 minutes (never sat it down either!)

Tim said that fresh cigars don't usually burn even, but this one did pretty well. Touched it up once or twice. This cigar was very soft, and the draw was perfect. Volumes of pure white smoke with little effort. Incredibly smooth and creamy with just a little spice. I've never tasted anything quite like it.

For being such a soft, fresh cigar, the ash was firm and held on nicely. It was at this point I decided that I'll never buy another OpusX again!

Tim, the master himself.

Normally I'd stop here, but no way! It's still burning perfect and providing cool, flavorful smoke!

I think I gave up on it about 5 minutes after this pic. I could have kept going but it was time to leave.

While the accomodations are nothing more than lawn chairs in a parking spot, there's something magical about the Habanos Torres experience. Tim is a blast to talk to, I learn something new everytime I visit with him. His cigar blends are fantastic and they really make me hate everything in my humidor...except the 30 year Perfecto I brought home :)

I just might go back after dinner and have another :ss


Ah sumbitch. Tim will be closed by the time I'm off work... Now I want one!

:tu Glad you enjoyed it mang. I've been a lawnchair regular for two and a half years with some short breaks in the mix.


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I'm very jealous! I just smoked my last Habanos Torres today (thanks MithShrike!). It was amazing just like the three before it. I'll post a review tomorrow.

Happy birthday and thanks for the review!


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Great review! Very well constructed custom stick. What type of tobacco was he using (what countries)?
I have sampled the 30 year old blend before and was quite pleased with it. I don't smoke many NC's but thoroughly enjoyed his blends.

That reminds me, I need to get him to custom-roll me some Salomones :D


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I have not been disappointed with any of his blends so far. The wonderful thing about being able to smoke one of his fresh rolled is that the tobacco has already been aged 7,9,10,15,30+ years. Just amazing.

Always creamy and ton of billowing smoke and little effort on the pull.

This man knows his leaf!


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How much does it cost for a single of these cigar ? And are they in the range of medium-to-plus strength type ? THKS.


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How much does it cost for a single of these cigar ? And are they in the range of medium-to-plus strength type ? THKS.

You should call Tim, he will ask you a few questions about the smokes you are liking now and then recommend you something from what he has rolled or will custom roll you some to your taste.


How much does it cost for a single of these cigar ? And are they in the range of medium-to-plus strength type ? THKS.
Like mentioned above, he'll make anything to suit your palette, and he's got a blend in every strength range. I think his cheapest is about $5, and they go up to $25. The one in this review was probably a $25 one.

Texan in Mexico

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Call and he can ship them to you. Or we can do a trade if you want.

A Trade would be very cool, I will take you up on that, Im in Mexico but will be in Florida in December (I can FedEx them to you) so shoot me a PM with what you like and we can trade a few stciks here in a few weeks...:ss
How can we reach Tim? Phone, email, snail mail, or does he have a website. And be assuered from this posting I will be making a trip to AZ to visit.


Phone is best. Tim doesn't put too much into e-mail. His store usually redirects to his cell phone so call his store at 480-833-0087.