Hagar City - Harbor Restaurant & Bar


Dark Simian of the Sith
Harbor Restaurant & Bar
N673 825th Street
Hager City Wisconsin

This biker/boater restaurant & bar has a view of Redwing, MN from just across the river. Actually, it's kind of in the middle of the river. During the summer, they run a largish outdoor BBQ where they make fantastic jerk chicken lunches.

The outdoors area is a largish (probably 1.5-2 acres) lawn with their own small landing just off of a marina. Wait staff may take their sweet time getting out to you there, but they'll make it. You can always chase one of them down but it's not the best spot if you're in a hurry.

A great place to land the boat for lunch, or destination spot on a popular ride route for bikers. Nice to relax out in the sun, eat lunch, sip a drink, listen to (frequent) live reggae music and smoke a cigar.