He fought the good fight -


Elder Jungle Leader
- but sometimes, even though you've won some battles . . . you can still lose the war. And so this Saturday I'll say goodbye to a friend as he is laid to rest. Afterwards we will retreat to his lake house that he loved so dearly. I'll pass his humidor, run my fingers across the top as I make my way to the rear porch overlooking his view of the trees, past the yard and down to the boat resting at its dock. I'll have a smoke and drink in celebration of his life . . . a life full of family, friends and the finer side. A self made man, I once asked him why he just didn't retire and move to the lake house. He laughed, "every time I try to" he said "they just give me insane amounts of money to keep doing what I do." We laughed. I admired him.

And sad I will miss him, memories will make it hard not smile. His wit, humor . . . infecting laugh . . . and to watch him dance with his wife - man, Fred Astaire had nothing on him.

Rest easy now my friend . . . I know there is a space reserved for you . . . there just has to be . . .


King James

Where's The Rum?
very well said, Ron... sounds like a great guy and dear friend. I'm very sorry for your lose. My next cigar will be for him.


Seven Down 33 to Go
Truly kind and inspiring words Ron............thank you for sharing.

I will burn one this weekend in his and your honor as well.

Thoughts and condolences in this time.



Elder Jungle Leader
Sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was a great friend who will be missed by all. But he also seems like the kind of guy who would want you to throw a big party and not mourn his passing.


When is Tee time??
you cant choose family, but friends you can. Sounds like a great friend Ron and Im sure he felt the same say.. Your friendship will live on forever in your heart!! Keep your head up and stay strong..


I Love Mondays!

Nothing I can say will help with your pain. Time and only time seems to help.

Prayers to you and your friends family from The Clarks


2X Secret Probation.Bitch
Sorry to hear about your friend, Ron.
Your post is a good reminder to appreciate the people in our lives who have figured out a little more than we, ourselves have, and take a page from their book.

Condolences to your friends family and those that loved him.