HELP!!! poll: vinotemp, humidor or other??? what should i buy next?

What should I buy next to store my cigars?

  • The 300-cigar glass top humidor in my post

    Votes: 10 9.8%
  • Vinotemp, 28-bottle

    Votes: 75 73.5%
  • Other (coolidor, etc) - please explain

    Votes: 17 16.7%

  • Total voters


I'm going nuts trying to decide what to expand to and have read tons of threads here about everthing from desktop humidors to tupperware to coolidors to 28-bottle vinotemps (thank you to all you helpful people on Club Stogie for the wealth of information!)

So I've done a lot of research and I'm continuing to do so but I thought I'd throw it out to my fellow BOTL/SOTL's and ask you what I should get! Because I'm totally maxed out and I need to make a decision before I'm storing cigars in my shoeboxes.

This is my current setup:

1 - 50-count Colibri Humidor
1 - 8-count travel humidor (cedar lined)
1 - small tupperware container that's holding 7 sticks
1 - 3-finger Xikar sleeve
1 - 2-finger Colibri sleeve
1 - Xikar Single Torch Windproof Lighter
1 - $10 all-metal cutter from the B&M

Know this:

I only smoke on the weekends (or try to stick with that routine but occasionally I'll have 1 midweek). So I feel that I might not need a TON of cigars on hand. I started semi-regularly smoking cigars in April of this year.

I also occasionally have clients over or take clients out and it's good to have some on hand.

I like to experiment with a great variety of cigars so I have not bought any boxes yet; I'm just slowly going through one I won in an in-store event and it's taking forever. They're good, to be sure, but right now, I like exploring all types of cigars.

I like to support my wonderful local B&M so I usually buy from him, either singles or maybe a 5-pack.

I live in Los Angeles and yes, it does get a little warm in my house so yes, a Vinotemp makes some sense there.

Last but not least, I do need to have some sticks on hand to bomb CS with!

BUT! I like the nice, fancy look of a classic humidor and this is the one I'm considering:

There are 3 options for voting. If you have some comments and suggestions regarding your vote, I'd gladly accept them!!



Master of the Chasidor
Have the best of both worlds, buy the vinotemp and put a few nice lacquered drawers in it to dress it up :D

~ End of shameless plug ~

Are you going to store boxes long term? If you plan on buying singles and fivers to smoke on a regular basis go with the humi. Then save the vino for later when you get some boxes. I seems even after some people get vino's they still use there humidors for loosies. Good luck with whatever yiou choose.


Seven Down 33 to Go
I have two Vino's and clearly should have bought three.

I haven't re humidified my shilala beads since June and i am still rock solid at 65%

I love the Vino, glass doors to see in, temp control, and for me perfect humidity control. I am overflowing but it will have to wait until I get my walkin built.


Crazy Canuck....
Ummm.... do you really want our opinions....:r
I started with a 60 count when relatives returned from that island south of Miami.... I slid down the slope with a 100 count, another gifted 40 count, another 300 count... and finally a cooler.... I wish I had done the Vino at the start and been done with it.


Chasden, I like those drawers, I do...I'm just thinking the 'classic' humidor is what I'm used to, you know....will I feel strange opening up a 'refrigerator' to retrieve cigars instead of a nice wooden desktop box...I dig oldschool style, you know?

Habanafinger....I don't know at this stage, I'm still early in but I don't want to buy something limiting and then buy a box and have nowhere to put it...well, I could make up a I want to buy boxes? Will I get sick of the same cigar over & over again....of course, the vino will hold a lot of them so I could certainly mix it up.

On the flipside of oldschool, SilverFox, I do like the glass door and being able to see in, although I sure do like opening up the humi and smellng the cedar and checking out what I've got in there. Of course, I could open up the vino and smell the cedar shelves or whatever I get, possibly the drawers from Scott (shilala).


Maturing Primate
I have to give the edge to the Vinotemp as well. Once set up with beads and enough cigars the vino is so simple to maintain. Plus the added benefit of not having to worry about your cigars getting to warm. It my take you a while to fill it but if you are serious about the hobby you will only find yourself :ss more and buying more. I bought mine in April it is know pretty well full and I have had to put the desktops back into service.

Beagle Boy

Lowland Gorilla
I would suggest a coolidor, it gives you a few more options until you know more about how many cigars you might want to keep long term, it isn't a large cash outlay up front, and there comes a time that you don't need it for cigars, you can always use it as a cooler

just my :2


Great suggestions fellas; keep 'em and the votes coming. Chasden, man, I'm sorry, I didn't realize YOU make shelves. I just thought that was your setup.

I do fear running into the same scenario as DMK...

Thinking, thinking....

Hey, chippawa, what kind of cabinet do you like?


ChestBeating Bruin!
Hey David, I'm also a weekend warrior and started off with a 65 count humi and then moved on to a 125 count. Now, I have a temp control Aristocrat that is packed!! I have to play cigar Tetris every time I get a new box. Out of the choices that you have listed, I'd go with the Vinotemp for the temp control and storage capacity. This way you'll have flexibility if you want to age some boxes and won't have to worry about little buggers hatching and eating your smokes. One thing to keep in mind is that it's a slippery slope so, I also suggest that you get the biggest humidor you can afford. :ss Plus, it's easier to get permission from the wife the first time around and not have to rationalize why you need a bigger cabinet when the one you have is already full. :ss


Newbie in the jungle
I have been using a cooledor for the last 8-10 years. Looks like crap regardless of where it sits. Hard to find stuff in and just doesn't seem like the container to store fine smokes in.

Picked up a Vinotemp last week. A bit of a struggle getting the humidity down but right now I am sitting at 68%, so it is getting close to the 65% I would like. In fact I doubt I can tell the difference.

It looks like what a pile of cigars should be stored in. I say go for the Vinotemp and don't look back.


Managing the UnManageable
I'm surprised at the results of the polle...VinoTemp...
I just don't see the vinotemp...
The glass 300 count is the way for me.


Carolina Gorrilla
Go for the Vinotemp or lay down the $$ for a cooled cabinet. I went from a 75 count to a Avanti wine cooler (pretty much the same as a Vino from what I can tell) to an Avallo cooled 2000.


Young Ape
David, I have the exact glass top humi you are looking at and have been very happy with it. I also have three 50 count boxes. I bought the 28 bottle vineotemp a few months ago. Beads, tray from MTMouse and cedar shelves all for about $350.00. With the shelves and boxes of smokes, you get a great aroma when you open the door. I have the venotemp sitting on top of a dual temp wine cooler so my cigars are just under eye level (I'm 6' 3"), easy to find cigars and move boxes around instead of bending down to find what you want.

It sounds like you are sliding down the slope, I would suggest getting the Vineotemp and taking your time filling it!



Evolving Lead Gorilla
Your smoking style sounds just about like mine: weekend warrior, sampler smoker, purchase singles/5 packs, etc. I got back into this hobby about a year ago with some tupperware, then a 100 count glasstop humi, and then picked up a mid-sized Coleman cooler right before the summer. So far this set-up suits me fine and I don't envision going the vino route any time soon.

I like going to the humi to pick out a cigar, and it impresses my casual smoking friends & family :tu. I figure I can fit about 200-300 cigars in the cooler so if I do buy boxes there's room, and all this still gives me good stock for trades/bombs, etc. Doesn't take up much space and it's all easy to maintain.

I voted for the humi.


Humi Project Leader
Voted other.

Recommend getting the largest capacity you feel comfortable with. If you do not want a vinotemp, you can go with a 1/2 cabinet. Cheaphumidors has a few that are nice and at a good price. Shop around.

Started with a small 20 count humidor and it lasted for quite awhile. Then came the 100 count humidor. That was OK until I started purchasing boxes of cigars. Spent a lot of time searching for anything that would hold humidity until I bought a cabinet.

Well now the cabinet is full and...

Have fun, buy what you like, enjoy your smokes! :)