Here's an odd taste question


Im sitting here smoking my first Augusto Reyes and the taste I can only describe as pumpkin? Tastes like the smell of a pumpkin being carved. Am I off my rocker or has anybody else ever had that taste before?


Is it like fresh pumpkin or a little stale and moldy? I'd be careful if you think it's moldy pumpkin!

Anyone get a strange minty taste when smoking cigars? Happened a few times to me, different cigars. Not full peppermint or anything like that, just an odd, somewhat minty taste, maybe after I've relit.


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Never tasted pumpkin in a cigar myself. I've had something that might be close to nutmeg maybe, but I'm not a "note" connoisseur. It was a mix between woody and nutmeg I guess.

Pumkin pie often has that nutmeg flavor. Just a poorly organized thought.


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I had one a couple of nights ago (can't remember which one it was) that was a dead ringer for "band-aid" for just a brief moment. In the grand scheme of things, I'd be pretty happy with pumpkin :ss