Hoping for a diagnosis this time...


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A couple of years ago we were rear-ended at freeway speeds and as a result my wife’s back was royally messed up. We’ve seen at least a dozen doctors locally, and the best anybody has been able to do so far is load her up with a handful of meds a couple of times a day (which still keeps her in bed most of the time). The locals have pretty much written her off as a chronic pain sufferer and don’t seem interested in looking any further.

We’ve decided to go out of state for another opinion (her mom’s back surgeon) . He’s taken a look at her records and has setup a couple of bone scans for the end of next week, and seems interested in digging further to see if he can actually fix her.

I’m not a religious guy, but I’d appreciate any karma, prayers, mojo, or whatever else the jungle can offer to help get her better. I want my wife back :mad:

Thanks all,


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Good Karma sent. My wife spent 8-9 mos seeking a diagnosis for an auto-immune issue. It really sucks as a process. Best of luck.

I have disc problems in my back and I have found accupuncture to be the most effective treatment for pain. Not for everyone for sure but worth a shot.
I wish you and yours the best in your time of difficulty. Sometimes doctors fall into a diagnosis rut. Keep pushing till someone gives you an answer you can live with (or until you run out of doctors)!


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Having just been through a rather harrowing diagnostic process you have my thoughts and prayers. I will throw some good karma on the wheel for you as well.


Prayer sent, Kris. Best wishes and hope that they get to the reason for her trouble and fix it real soon. :tu


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May results be found that can fix the issue, for about 3 months I could barely walk due to back pain I had a Doc who took a chance and found a collapsed hip socket that as causing the pain had the surgery and have no pain even though I walk a little funny I can still do about anything, The point of the story is keep trying and you'll find some help that will work.
Prayers and Thoughts from our family to yours :tu