How do you drink your Zaya?


Country Gentleman
Hey all,

I am kind of new to the whole spirits world. I have been a beer drinker mostly and rarely made a cocktail or anything like that.

I happened upon some Zaya Guatemala, and after hearing so much about it, I went ahead and bought some. So now the question comes, how do you drink your Zaya?

I have been trying different bourbons now and I just drink it on the rocks. I have read many places that Zaya is a sipping rum, so is on the rocks a good way to go? Do you mix it? If so, with what?

Thanks for any help.

St. Lou Stu

Keeper of the Loc-Nar
Straight out of the bottle which I wrap in a brown paper bag.

It makes me feel more urban.

When I'm not doing that, I drink it neat.:D


Country Gentleman
So the overall consensus so far is neat or very little ice. Is this how you all drink your sipping spirits? Or only for this particular rum?