How many cigars do you smoke each day?


Maturing Primate
I have been smoking about 2 a day. I was just curious to see how many sticks other LLGs indulge in during the course of the average day. I know some of you might actually go a whole 24 hours without smoking a cigar....I don't know how you do it though.

This new hobby is going to get expensive real fast! :D
considering ice is STILL on the ground here in KC, now for about a week... and it normally doesn't get very warm here in the winter... the ONLY times i get to smoke a cigar now are either at my friends house at lunch, or a cheap/crap cigar on the drive to work after lunch.

i did have 2 cigars one day this past week, 1 on the drive in the morning, 1 on the drive after lunch. both cigars were cheapies that i'm just trying to get rid of to make room for something better.

during the summer, sometimes i'd have up to 3 cigars a day.


Light's on..No one's home
Used to be 4-6 a day on non-Cubans for years. Now its 1 non-Cuban and 1 Cuban weekdays..and 2-3 Cubans on Sat. Sun. and holidays. Love those three day weekends!:D


If Im at school, 1-2 per day while home, maybe once a week. For some reason, my mother has an issue with me smoking in the house.


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It's usually 1/day if I do smoke. Sometimes I do some 2-4 in a day, but it's always on the weekends when I get together with other local herfers. I guess I would have to say I average about 0.5 cigar per day based on a week.

Scuba Steve

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I am currently on a quest to smoke as many different Cigars as I can and rate them in the Dossier we have at our smoke room at the local smoke shop. I currently smoke about 2-4 a day if I am at the Cigar shop or about one a day in the evening at home if not. I am in the military and so I also smoke after a good mission, jump, livefire, field problem, or just to celebrate comming back from a training event. Nothing like a smoke after an adreailan pumping night jump!!!

Smoke Out

Nothing like the smell of napalm in the morning....the smell of victory

Scuba Steve

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It is my wife, kids, work, cell phone...just the sweet smell of smoke. I am also on a mission to go through at least one of everything in their walkin humi.

Smoke Out!


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One a day as long as the weather cooperates. On rare occasions, 2 in one day. If I ever make it out to SoCal or LOL, then I hope to set a personal one day cigar record.


I am a binge smoker, I'll take a week off here and there. I've smoked one a day the past week, last night 2. The week of xmas, after moving into a new house, I smoked nothing but the best and most expensive cigars in my humi. 7 great smokes! Isoms and non-isoms. Cohibas, Padron 1926s, A few very well aged isom's (10 years+) I acquired last summer, one GREAT cigar a day! The topshelf stuff. (still got more up there! hehehehe) A fantastic week. :w (review forthcoming)

Funny thing is, none of them compared to the best smoke of the year I had last summer. A SLR PC gifted from a bird in Fla.! Hit me just right at just the right time. Thanks, Rick! :w And Thanks to all others who have been so kind and generous thru-out my stay here. What was the question? Oh yeah, .63 cigars' a day.


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2 - 3 a week in the winter. 5 - 7 a week in the summer.

8 - 11 a day when I am at the RTDA with rjs! :r