How often does CI stock tatuaje?


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hmmm....what to post here that will add anything not already indicated by the title of the post...How about, is it on a regular schedule or just every so often?


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I've only seen one single vitola of the Miami line at the CI stores. Same vitola that seems to pop up on CBID every so often.


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Try this number 866-78CIGAR and ask for the cigar manager, they always seem to have a steady stock of Tatuaje and great prices to boot :tu


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Strange enough, I do not think Cigars International is an authorized Tatuaje dealer, which means they are probably buying their Tatuajes on the secondary market. This probably explains why their stock does not update frequently.

CI is in Pennsylvania (or at least I think it is).

This would mean that the Tatuajes that show up on cigarbid are probably not authorized as well. I do know why CI would sell all their Tatuajes through cigarbid instead of their site, but maybe they actually get more for them through the auction process. :hn

For Tatuajes, I would check out newhavanacigars, towercigars, holts, atlanticcigar, seriouscigars. . .


I got 3 boxes of Tats from CI in June- Noellas ($140), Regios ($166), and J21 ($192).

Can those prices be beat?


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CI had them in stock around the first of September but at those prices they did not stay in stock very long. They get them in every so often but they don't last. Just keep checking every day and be prepared to act when you see them.


I got 3 boxes of Tats from CI in June- Noellas ($140), Regios ($166), and J21 ($192).

Can those prices be beat?
Yes they can be beat. I am not saying again who to contact. I have already said it enough in this theread and other threads, and in chat.