How to Bomb a fellow Gorilla

Freight Train

Dark Knight
I am new to the forum and feel the urge to "bomb" one of my fellow Gorillas. I like the atmosphere that resonates from this message board.

I know some of you might have the thought of since I am new who am i going to send the stogies to. The reason why I am doing this is that I feel this would be a good deed to show the Gorilla community that I like what I have seen during my short stint at club stogie.

My questions are how would I go about getting someone's address without them knowing? How should I pack and ship them? Any help would be appreciated.


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Nothing strange about your desire to bomb someone. The jungle has that effect on people.

Provide Ms. Floydp your address and after you meet the minimum requirements, she will provide you the address of any of the gorillas in her "rolodex"

The minimum requirements for getting an address are :
Address Book Protocol:100 posts/60 day membership or participation in NST or Trade. 2 of 3 requirements must be met to request addresses. You can be added immed.