I got some bad news today.


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Today my wife called me at the office, she had some bad news. Her Grandmother who almost raised her had just got home from the doctors. Her Grandmother has been fighting off breast cancer since the very early 90's. She had some surgeries and had to have them both removed back before I met my wife. Since we have been married in 97 she has had to under go chemo twice always to be told it has gone in remission. She had some tests done not long ago and today found out the results. Her doctor has said her cancer is back and it can't be removed. She is almost 80 now and she has said she will not under go chemo again for nothing. Her doctor has given her 4-12 months to live.
My wifes uncle is mentally handicapped, he is at the mental level of a 8 year old. He is really 52. He lives in a home monday thru friday but on the weekends he goes home to be near his mom. He has not been given the news because they are not sure how he will take it.
Growing up my wife lived with her Grandmother almost all the way up until she was 15. When we got married me and my wife were broke. Her Grandmother paid 2 months of are rent and give us some money for bills for our wedding gift. We didn't know because she talked to our landlord and set it up. We got home from day of a honeymoon and there was a letter from her thank us for such a great day she had at our wedding. She is so giving I wish there was some way I could give to her half of the love that she has shown me.
Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. She is so dear to me.