I Hate Hygrometers


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I found with my adjustable ones that I had to retest after adjustment, because when you remove it from bag, adjust it, it may already be off. I found that by leaving it in the bag, you can adjust it without openning the bag, takes a bit of trying but thats how I've done mine.

Same here... week or so process for me. :ss


Since I was at Wally World a few days ago I decided to check out their cheap hygros and bought both the Springfield and the Acurite. After salt testing one is -7 and the other -6. So much for those fixing my problems. At this point I'm just going with the beads and forgetting about the hygros. Now I just need to figure out a project that can incorporate four useless hygrometers.


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I have a box full of them.

me too, no knock against heartfelt the vendor (excellent service and the beads kill) but those little black ones with the heartfelt logo in the OP are always way under, I had 3 of them salt tested with "-8" to "-14" written on them in silver sharpie. They're pretty accurate once you find out where they read (provided the battery's in good shape) but I've never had one read close to correct.

Using the 65% beads I have a good feel for where my humi is at, so much so that if I use the little black hygrometer I know when the battery needs to be replaced by the variation in the reading. That's a pretty good case for well-maintained beads.

I now use an Oregon Scientific that takes regular batteries (AA or AAA) and it's been at -2 since purchasing it, good hygrometers


I have my vino turned down to 60 degrees and i just let it go, my cigars smoke well so I am not worried about my meter.


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I don't have many issues with mine. But when it shakes down to it: if they feel right and smoke right, I am over it :tu


The first 6 months I was a humidty junkie. Would freak out if I went to 62% or 68%. Now, I honestly couldn't tell you what they say. Beads and I check them every month or so. My stuff has been, is, and will be fine.

I do know though that through all the playing with the ones, the remote unit that I have with my Oregon Scientific weather station that is BY FAR better than anything I bought.


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I read about all the crap and heartache people get from them. I bought some beads and don't worry about the rest. Cigars smoke fine so why worry.:2


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Has anyone had any problems with the Western Caliber III cause that's what I'm using and it seems dead on. Currently my humidity varies between 68% and 69%. I can see it change slightly after opening the lid to get a stick, then eventually rebalance out. Seems to be working great so I'm just curious if anyone has found a reason not to use them.



The main reason I was trying to get an accurate humidity reading is that with the fan running so much in the fridgador the rH was reading high while the cigars were feeling very dry. Beads were half white and half clear but nothing felt right. I solved the problem by putting the wine cooler on a timer so it only comes on for 30 minutes every 2 hours. I think the always on fan was just drying things out regardless of the humidity level. Hopefully things will stay level now.
One thing I've found with digital hygros is to avoid salt testing them. The salt-laden air often causes the digital electronics to go whacky. :hn

Regardless, as others have said, there ain't no such thing as absolute accuracy with hygrometers, digital or otherwise.



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The only reliable hygro I have: The el cheapo from Pet Smart designed for reptile cases. According to the Boveda (sp?), it's spot on. And measured against 2 lbs of Heartfelt beads, it's right at 65%. I was so impressed, I got three more (only one of them was -1% and another was DOA, which I returned).

The adjustable hygros I got from CI: worse than worthless. Initial calibration showed them (I got 3) to be +/- 12%. After adjustment, they were +/- 4%. After putting them into my humidor, they are between them +/- 6% (yeah, their range went higher when I went from 75% humidity of the Boveda to 65% of my humidor).

I've been using those as paper weights.


I recently read an archived post on the BOTL web site that stated and discussed the fact that there has been in the recent past a manufacturing glich in the production of the actual chip used in many hygros in response to temperature. If I recall correctly they were mostly citing the adjustable Hygrosets.

It seems according to the post (from Ron a BOTL moderator) that at temps 68*F and above the hygros (peviously calibrated) will read accurately. However, as soon as the temp drops to 67*F or below the defective chips in these particular hygros jump up 5 points consistently.

Don't know if anyone else has come across this info. Something to consider(?)


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I did the salt test on 2 hygrometers(west calibor&madaline) in the same tupperware and after about 15hrs the readings were: (1st)81% and (2nd) 74%. So 1st is -6% and 2nd is +1% thats ok i took a picture to alaways remember it.
I use 1pound of hertfield 70%beads, spread out in a footlocker humidor,
Now the problem is looking inside my humidor the 1st hygrometer reads 79% and 2nd 67%, so thats: 73% & 68%.

Which is the correct RH level????


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I just finished about 65 hours of salt testing on my hygrometer <---- I hate hygrometers, they are not consistant. Even after 48 hours the humidity would rise as the tempreture would which is not really meant to happen? I think the best thing is to buy a brand of humidification device such as heartfelt that you really really trust and if the cigars smoke well then all is good.

All this about x-meters and calibration makes me wonder how accurate other meters are. Speedometer, tachometer, thermometer, manometer ect...