I need an ashtray.

Great lookin ashtray "Advil", ha ha ha. If you remove the roll part and take the tape cutter part off rest my cigar right there and it would be nice.:r I personally like to use that thing in the kitchen to set dirty spoons on when cooking.

They come is so many colors you can please your inner woman at the same time.
For herf i have to break out the skillet.

"HeadRush" First thing Google is a better way of asking questions like this but ill humor you (I don't know how many others would). If you smoke by yourself get a good one with a nice holder for the cigar at least an inch long and wide enough for a cigar, in my living room (yes I am not single and I get to smoke in the house) I have a nice little black ceramic 2 cigar ashtray. Although if your, 1) Don't want to empty your ashtray after every cigar you smoke. 2) Ever have poker night or smoke with friends (even one). or 3) You want a cigar that will last and is good. you should get a stinky ashtray.

This nice big ashtray with enough room for a single everyday smoker to not have to empty for at least 2 weeks if you smoke a lot, many people only have to empty them monthly.
They are great check it out here:
If you want it get it here:

If you decide you don't want one you can find a little one at:
http://www.cheaphumidors.com Here you can also find great prices on good humidors its where I buy mine (also make sure your using beads in your humidor, and you should have "the Puck" too) and if none of this tickles your fancy you can always try, famous cigars, cigars int, jr, holts, or any other large internet distributer I don't know what they have but you'll find one.
Link to "the puck" http://www.cigarmony.com

There ya go you have it all (Some already posted) Hopefully I just answered any other question you might have like this one. GL on finding an ashtray
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funny stuff I personally like the the skillet!!...but anyways...Headrush..drop me a pm..I have a few ashtrays running around here and they need a new home..well at least one at this time..Let me know.



Keep an eye on various vendors. Sometimes, they offer free ashtrays with the purchase of cigars. That's how I got this one:


If I were going to pay for an ashtray, it would probably be one of the CAOs - in particular, that cubist one looks very cool.

Scored a big Legends ashtray and a 2-finger 5 Vegas ashtray as freebies a while back but don't use either one all that much.

That tape dispenser idea is great. Form, meet function.

Will have to check out the Stinky since it's not getting any warmer out.



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If you are thinking about the Stinky, try and look at it first. I find it's not quite wide enough for large gauge sticks, it feels a little wobbly.


The local RP events have an OWR ashtray as a freebie along with a box purchase of any Rocky Patel line. It also came with 5 free RP OWR Corojo.

My local shop had the event about a month ago and still have leftovers of the freebies. I'd check your local shop for the RP event to see if there is one coming up or recently passed if you like RP smokes.