I Want My Blackbelt in Cigars! (Sort Of...)


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I've tried a lot of different cigars (pretty well all the Cubans), but would like a list of cigars that I must try; Non Cuban. I enjoy stronger and spicier cigars, and really enjoy CAO Gols! and CAO MX2's. I assume these are must-smoke's:

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos, Hemingway's & Anejo's


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The Padron Anniversary series is a must try (very surprised no one had mentioned them yet). I also agree that an LFD and JdN should be thrown in the mix. Beyond that... Pepin Garcia products, very important to try and very pleasant: Tatuaje, Padilla Miami 8&11, Don Pepin Blue, Don Pepin Black, Don Pepin Serie JJ...

All these are considered top gars in the NC world and none will disappoint.


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Thanks all.... Really appreciate the input. I've tried one JDN-A, but didn't find it all that good. Kinda tasteless... I believe one needs to try a few sticks of a particular brand before making a decision though, so I'll try again. Would like to try Opus X, but it always seems to be sold out, unless one wants to get hosed on the price.


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Given what you said, you must try Don Pepin Garcia's smokes. This man was one of the personal rollers to Castro before he defected. Awesome cigars. :dr


You should try everything you can get your hands on IMO.

That aside even though these aren't what I would call spicy, I sure enjoy them:

Fire by IT (This ones got some spice)


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Thanks Islesfan... Sorry about my Sens kicking @ss 'n takin' names against you're team last night... :)


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I have the same taste as you it seems. So far my favorites are the La Flor Dominicana (LFD) Double Ligero. Great full body and spice. I posted a topic in the general Cigar forum here asking about the very same thing. I have gotten a lot of wonderful cigar suggestions. These folks really know what they are talking about. Look for the thread titled "Strong Full Bodied Cigars" or along those lines. Have a fun time trying all of them, I know I have.