I'll Be Out of the Jungle for Awhile


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Just throwing this out there. Some of you know and a lot of you don't, but I won't be around these parts for the next couple of months. I'm joining the Air Force and I actually leave Tuesday for BMT. I've been pretty nervous/excited for the past week or so, and I'm kind of just looking forward to getting started so I can be done with Basic sooner (I think the waiting is the worst part...although once I'm back I'll let you know if that thought changed haha). Just wanted to let everyone know where I disappeared to, and that I will be back. The jungle is a great place, and the support for our military is insanely generous. I have a feeling over the next few weeks I'm really going to miss spending as much time in here as I have been. Look forward to talking to you guys when I get back to real life.

See you in a few weeks.

"Trainee" Kein

Ok thats not me, but come Tuesday...


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Good luck brother. When I went through some 16 years ago, I can honestly say it was quite an experience. It all still seems like a dream!


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You will do awesome, Jordan.

Hope you got your transcript thing straightened out this afternoon, would have been nice to enjoy a smoke with you today, but I imagine those darn "rules" things are more important.


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Jordan Like I have said before CONGRATS!!! and if you need anything you got my number.

see ya when its over...well at least the 1st part..LOL