I'm Moving Forward


Crack House Tent
Well, I just got word from the realtor that my house has a contract on it. Pending the final word from the bank it looks like this is a go. As some of you may know, I am currently going through a divorce and that will be coming to a conclusion this month (I hope). We put the house on the market Friday, and we already have a contract, for what we asked, thank God. So toss some prayers this way that everything works out. I really need this year to be over.

Now I can focus my attention on my nephew, as seen in a previous post. His mother is a serious drug addict and he was born addicted to methadone (heroin) and luckily, once again, thank God suffers no problems from the ordeal. My concern is now ending that chapter in my life with the ex and moving on to raising my nephew and giving him the home he deserves. Club Stogie has been a great place to come and get my mind off of everything. Thank you to everyone who has wished me well this year and Im looking forward to making new friends on here and getting together with many of you in the coming months through herfs and cigar events. Now, lets raise our glasses and toast to a healthy and much happier year.

Cheers everyone,



An Original Latino
Kudos to you for stepping up for your family, and I hope it all works out for the best for all concerned.


Prayers sent for a good turn in a new direction for you and your nephew. Hang in there....


Crack House Tent
You guys are good...Realtor just called, we know have another group wanting to buy the house for more. Let the bidding war begin. :tu


God bless you, Brian - even during your difficulties you are devoting your efforts to help others. :tu You and your nephew will be in my prayers. Great job!