Indian Tabac Tomahawk Maduro


Young Ape
A beautiful 6x52 maduro cigar with minor veins showing.

I paired this with a BJ's Grand Cru, Belgium Strong Pale, 10.2%

Initial taste was a good tabacco, leather, semi sweet maduro flavor. Started off with a nice medium body, light spice, very smooth. Medium amount of white smoke, firm ash.

Through the 1/2 mark it maintained a smooth flavor with some minor burn issues.

It kept the same medium body, slightly spicey, lopsided burn issues. Determined the beer did not match well with this at all. The strong alcohol obliterated the cigar. I was surprised at the consistant flavor down to the last 1/3rd, not getting hot or too spicy.

In conclusion, I will rate this as a great value smoke with consistant flavor and minor burn issues. I'm looking at a box purchase off the devil site for $1.50 per. A good daily smoke, for sure.


The Wheel Man
Nice review, love picture reviews..

I think these are tasty stogies for the price too. Great everyday/work cigar.


I concur,
Nice review.
These are by far a very good "go to" smoke for the price.
I also enjoy these and have about 10 in my humi for when the mood strikes me.

B :tu


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Thanks for the great review and the great pics - I had no idea you could get them for $1.50 on the devils site, I'm going to have to keep an eye out for that one.


i don't like drinking beer with cigars. I love beers, especially IPAs, and the like; however, the taste on the palate does not go well with a cigar. Your mouth just ends up tasting DRY and one flavor is not distinguishable from another.


How do the Tomahawks compare with the IT SF maduro toros (6x50) (besides being a bit cheaper).



Very nice review, I got a box from the devil site they needed to be put in the humidor for a few month but they were good smokes for the price:ss.