Interesting ebay item


Maturing Primate
This reminds me of Dan Marinos Opus X football cigars. He lives right near me and I went 2 the same school as his oldest son. He brought them up once and told a friend of mine that he has 2 diff sets with more than 10 in each

I wish I could get some of those lol

I hope every 1 has a happy and healthy new year



Palmetto State Herf Crew
i just looked at them last night. i got a kick out of them. in every market there is somthing just like this. it is never ment to be used but its cool to look at and say you have it. i love the sopranos and cao, this will be worth a lot down the road.


Fuente Whore
We actually just received 4 sets of these at our B&M and one of the guys there bought a set and smoked the 86 RG monster. It took him 2 minutes to light it with a soft flame and 4.5 hrs to smoke....I wish I would have been there to see it...:r


They have those at a local B&M with a "do NOT touch" sign right in front. I think they are selling the whole lot of 5 in box for $200. No buyers yet :)


That is not a bad idea. I don't know if I would ever buy a cigar from a vending machine but I bet plenty of people would.


random cigar bum
I thought of that. It looks like it opens like an old soda machine and you take one out.
i contacted them about their product. he said it has fingers that drop the selected cigar. i might end up getting a few. i'll keep you guys posted.