I've been outbid!


C is for cookie
I just got this e-mail from cbid.com, I'm in SHOCK! :D

From: customerservice@cigarbid.com
Date: July 15, 2008 5:40:37 AM PDT
To: Darrell Mogg
Subject: Cigarbid.com - Your Bid is Too Low!

This automated email was sent by CigarBid.com. You have been outbid!

You may increase your bid at any time before the lot closes. Please note that due to various auction conditions, this bid may be re-instated.

Lot #: 594008
Lot Name: Cremosa Cubana Churchill (25)

Your maximum bid: $10.00

Your requested quantity: 1

Current bid to win: $16.00
Lot closes: 07/16/08 08:34PM

To increase your bid, go to:

Which one of you outbid me? :r:bn


Rock a mullet like a STAR
Why in the world would you bid on that? :r you're a funny man...just look at the last person to bid. It usually shows the initial and address..you might end up finding them.


Nice Jungle Ya Got Here
Have you read the C-bid description? "This was designed to be an $8 cigar" .....:r:r:r

Of course it is an $8 smoke. $2 for the stick and $6 for the rancid pork to get the taste out of your mouth.

They didn't say that it was designed TO SELL for $8 after all. :tu


jardinero de la selva
Who can resist? What's not to like? What, you don't believe the descriptions that CBID places next to their auctions items?:D

This was designed to be an $8 cigar, with premium Dominican long-filler leaves and a medium-brown, oily Sumatra wrapper. Cremosa Cubana offers a medium-bodied flavor with a slow and even burn, these Dominican made puros with a Cuban heritage have a pleasant and enjoyable taste, and now represents a true bargain on closeout.


C is for cookie
I know this is a conspiracy to take my "go-to" smoke away from me. Which one of you jerks is trying to tear us apart? :mad: