J. Donovan Leigh LTD Trifecta


I got this one in error. It was mixed in a box of Torano exodus and I did not notice when I grabbed a few of them.

When I removed the cello, It was very much like oily leather and very attractive. i could not wait to dive in.

Pre light draw was easy and pleasing. toasting and lighting was easy as well.

Once lit it produced big clouds of flavorful smoke. chocolatty with a hint of spice.
The flavor was consistant through the 1st half although the burn was a bit irregular and needed a few touchups.

Second half produced a little more spicyness but nothing spactacular. toward the last 3rd it became hard to draw (this may be the georgia humidity) and pretty much ended the good flavors and became a bit ashy tasting. tried to heat it up a little but was not able to recover.

I enjoyed this little cigar and will go back to the B&M to see if the have any more.

With my limited experience I would have to say that this is a great smoke for the price. $4.40 for a single.