Johnston - 3 Guys Cigars


Elitist a-hole
3 Guys Cigars
1465 Atwood Ave
Johnston RI
(401) 369-7447

I found this place while traveling for business and stopped in.

I went in looking for Olivas, just by chance because I had found not much luck locally. Turns out they were the only supplier in New England for a few months before anyone else got them, and they are in pretty good with that company. Needless to say, I walked out of there with a great sampler of O, V, G, and Master Blends. Mark, one of the owners, is a great guy, and the walk in humi is small but nice (with almost an entire wall dedicated to Oliva) and they have a nice smoking room with big screen TV. Not much on the accessories, but otherwise a place I'd recommend. .

They are having a Perdomo event on May 9 from 3-6, and a Nub event on May 20th at 7PM.
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