Just a simple prayer needed


Hello guys/gals,

Our only child Taylor (son) is 17 and is heading to Europe for three weeks as a student ambassador starting this Sunday. He's going with 37 other students and a handful of advisors, not us. His mother and I are nervous about a lot of things - mostly that he'll return to us safely and unharmed. He's a tough kid but the world is crazy, you know?

I would just like a few prayers for his enjoyment and safe return. We love him dearly and need God to watch over him while he's so far away for so long.

Thanks a ton. God Bless.



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Prayers sent.! I remember my trip to Europe when I was 17. He'll come home just fine :]


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In our belief, St. Christopher is the saint of safe travel. Whatever your belief our prayers are with him.


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We pray he has a fun and safe and edifying trip. May God also grant his parents peace of mind!


As a pilot who flys for a airline I can tell you that the 2 pilots up front have your child's and all other passengers' onboard safety first and foremost on their minds. Sleep easier at night atleast about the flights. I will add my prayers for him and his parents:) all the same. Hopefully he will have one of the most memorable experiences of his young life over there.:tu


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I studied over sea when I was young and my parents worried and everything turned out fine
Our familes thoughts and prayers are with yours