Just a simple prayer needed


Just wanted to say thank to everyone. A few last minute preps and he's ready to go. He's so low key it's hard to get a read on him, but last night when we were getting some stuff together he got really talkative and jazzed up. I told him to be sure and get his Mother something nice while he's over there. She's worked really hard making sure everything is taken care of.

You're a great bunch of people and I appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes very much.

I'll keep you posted. :tu


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My thoughts are with you and your son.

I am sure everything is going to be fine. Last year we let my son go to camp for a week in the summer ( he was 9 at the time) because he really wanted to go. All the worring my wife did I knew he was going to be fine. Other then the sleeping bag he lost he was fine. I know it is a diffcult thing to watch him go, but he will have a great time.


Evil Monkey
He should be fine shoe, no worries, feel free to shoot me a PM in case anything happens, it should be fine though.
I hope he has a great time over here.


He's in the air as I type.

Long day for him, that's for sure. Left on charter bus to Charlotte at 11:15 am for flight from there. Waited in airport for long while. Flight left at just after 5 pm. To Munich first, then on to Charles de Gaul (sp.?) in Paris. He'll land while we're sleeping.

All the prayers are appreciated.


May God watch over your son, and the rest of the group.

My little brother did something like this last year to the land down under and had a good time, I wish the same for Taylor.



Landed safe and sound.

Bastille Day in France. He got to watch the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower. Now, is that freaking cool for the first day or what?

That's why we did it. He's going to do things I've never done or probably never will get to do. It's like I am there, though, just knowing he's getting the experience of a lifetime. :)

Power through prayer. Thanks Gang!


Tay has moved from France to Switzerland. Having a blast. He's staying with a family that's surrounded by Alps. I can only imagine.


Prayer sent.

I remember travelling to France when I was fifteen...quite a trip. I remember the tour through the north (Mont St. Michel and, of course, Normandy) better than I remember much of Paris!