La Aurora 1495 Connoisseur Selection


What would Skeeter do?
I was fortunate enough to have a couple each of the 4 new offerings of 1495.

My preferences are as follows.

1. Corojo.....hands down this wrapper lent itself nicely to the blend. Great balance & flavor.

2. Connecticut.....really smoothed out the blend without diminishing the flavor.

3. first, I thought the blend totally overpowered the wrapper, but the second smoked better with a couple weeks more laydown time.

4. Brazilian....I felt like this wrapper did practically nothing for the blend, but perhaps lent a slight earthiness.


Prime Mate
I am afraid that experience teaches me that, if Thompson Cigars were selling gold bars at the price of tin, I would not walk away, I WOULD RUN!

They are poisonous to the fine pastime of smoking and appreciating fine cigars. If you want to smoke machine made trash with paper binder and wrapper, you are at least buying what they are known for. But they would probably screw you on the transaction.

IMHO, natch.


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C'mon, don't be shy- tell us how you REALLY feel!
Actually, I don't hate the "T" place as much as so many others, they are annoying and hard sell, but I have purchased some good smokes from them. I guess, as always; de gustibus non est disputandum!
I think the Connoisseur Selection is a great idea! A super way to teach people more about the characteristics of wrappers. At least those grown by a certain company in a certain country. You take the 1495 blend, which is very complex and a multi-country blend and then take four different wrappers to top it off. I haven't tried each of these, but I would bet they are each a good smoke.

I had a great experiment set up for me at the Davidoff Factory in the Dominican Republic. Too long to explain here, but you can read about it here.
[It's towards the end of the article]



The 1495 is one of my favorite smokes, so when I heard about this I had to get it. I've smoked the connecticut and the Cameroon so far. While i'm not one that can tell you what flavors I pull out of a smoke I can tell you that I thought the connecticut didn't change the flavor much, while the cameroon gave it a little different spin and it seemed to have a deeper flavor profile. I look forward to smoking the others. I wish a few more manufactures would follow suit and do the same, I love this idea.