La Riqueza Belicoso by Pete Johnson


C is for cookie
I picked up a handful of these, 2 Robustos, 2 PC's, and a Belicoso.

A nice band, I'd say. Simplistic, yet aesthetically pleasing.

Prelight draw: Not a lot here, a faint taste of spice, nice draw - not a ton of flavors though.

1/3: Both sweet and strong tobacco, faint spice. Burn is decent, kind of uneven but may be due to little gusts of wind every few minutes.

1/2: Spicey with hints of both coffee and dark chocolate, the cedar was really in force as well, the stick went a lot of different ways with flavor, it was nice.

1/3: Mellowed with the spice but kept the cedar and dark chocolate. The burn has been perfect since the wind died down.

The band came off nicely. :tu

I even nubbed it, well to as much of a nub as I could before it burned my lip further. :r

Overall: This was a fantastic stick, it was packaged like a CC and well, it stunk like a CC when I gave it a quick sniff. The price point was decent which was $9 in CA. Draw, burn, flavor, and construction were all top notch, the wind hurt the burn at 1st but it fixed itself. I'd buy these again, hell I might even buy a box for some nice smokes to have on hand.

Good job Pete, you made another tasty smoke. :tu:tu


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Nice Review Darrell :ss I picked up a few PC's and Belicoso's as well recently and smoked my first last night. Really enjoyed it and loved the nice oily sheen. Very similar smell to a cc