Last HERF before indoor smoking ban


Just got back from a local pub with my buddy Shaun for out last indoor HERF before the smoking ban takes effect on Jan 1, 07

Just so happened that both our wives were out today so off to the local B&M Bought myself a Upmann Coronas Major, Partagas Coronas Senior, RASS, and a Monty #2.

Off the Darby Arms Pub and I started off with a Carlos Torano Exodus 1959, and buddy Shaun had a Brazilia. The beers were tasting so good and with a short pause for chicken wings I decided we need another good smoke so I gifted Shaun the Partagas and I had the Upmann

What a great way to spend 5 hours...sitting back by the fire and smoking some good cigars, having some laughs and looking at the cute waitresses

Crappy pics from my phone but at least you get the idea

This is me

This is Shaun