Libertyville - Cigars And More


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Cigars & More
314 S Milwaukee Ave
Libertyville, IL 60048

Monday-Friday 10am to 8pm
Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sunday 11am to 4pm

Cigars and more is a relatively small B&M, but they are more than fair in pricing cigars and the owners are very friendly and helpful. They carry Ashton, Fuente, Davidoff, Gurhka, and the usual run of NC cigars. Every month, they have a special sale on a specific brand. My favorite is "Davidoff Day" in December when boxes of Davis are slashed by 30% for one day only. They sell Opus X and ESG at MSRP - and they tend to have them in stock more often than not.

Herf wise, they have a couple rooms in the back of the facility with leather chairs, a small bar with stools, etc... The place has a lot of character. Nice accommodations, although perhaps a little small for a larger crowd. Parking is tight for more than 7 cars, but the city has municipal spaces within a short distance.

I am always happy to visit and smoke at Cigars and More, it is suggested if you are in the North suburbs of Chicago.
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[OT] Loki

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I used to live in Libertyville, but we moved well before I was of legal smoking age. Good know know if I move back


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I've only been to Cigars & More once, but will now make it my "must stop" place to go when headed down that way. Great selection, comfortable seating with a large screen plasma, a couple tables for cards, etc. Excellent place and atmosphere.


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:confused:When will they have Davidoff Day this year?? Can we visit them on that day and still get the deal??


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Geez...This place is right down the street from me practically and I've never visited yet..Definitely would be a shorter drive here instead of going to Cigarking


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This store is the closest major b&m to my house so i try to stop whenever i'm in the area. Been to 3 events in the past year there and indeed it is impossible to park in the lot many times so i just park in the neighborhood S.E. of the store and walk down the alley.

They have a club card program and free cigar days too so i'd recommend stopping in if you're in the Libertyville / Vernon Hills area. :tu


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Excellent store, they took good care of a group we had smoking there this Spring....I will return. :)