Look what I got today!


The Second One
My wife, daughter and I were out doing some errands today and we went to one Target to look for some things. I decided to look at the vino's and they had 2 but at the $199.00 price. I didn't have enough spending money to get one so I moved on. We then decided to stop at another Target because my wife didn't find what she needed at the other one. This Target is attached to a mall that has a B&M in it so I decided to run in there and see what the had. Right on the front door was a sign saying "We have Opus X today". Well I picked one up, I wish I could have gotten more but again I didn't want to spend the little money I had.. This will be my first Opus X and I can't wait to fire it up, however I am going to let it age for a while.


Well after I was done at the B&M and wishing I had a lot more money to spend I went back to meet my wife at Target. I decided to see if they had any vinos and stock. They had two and the price..... $139.00. My wife said get it. She said she would cover the difference if I used the rest of my spending money. So low and behold I got my vino!


Now I am going to work on seasoning it. Then save money for beads, oust fan and some drawers from MTMOUSE. Then even more money to stock it.

Anway, I just had to share my good news!


Going Commando
Aren't we a lucky dog today!! Glad to see that you had such good fortune given the fact that you were dragged to Target today. Nice grab, I hope you enjoy it! Send some pics when it's all stocked.


Sweet! :tu

You will love the Opus X - I still have the burn marks from when I smoked my fingers nubbing my first. :ss


International SOB
It looks like you had one heck of a great day, a few flowers to the wifey might get that humi filled a little faster:D