Looking for a "smooth" entrance to Bourbon


It was but the brother brought up the scotch and I thought maybe he should branch out and try Scotch Whiskey with the smooth taste of honey that Drambiue offers.:D

I may have to watch out for that one, never tried it.

On another note - Be careful w/ booker's - pretty sure it has the power that after you drink it, it has the power to go back 2 generations and peel the paint off your ancestor's house... just my opinion.

(coming from a scotch guy that drinks it neat). For what it's worth... we were shooting it though. :r
I've gotta chime in with the Woodford Reserve crew. Definitely a nice bourbon. My next choice would be Maker's Mark.

I agree with Volt about the Buffalo Trace - I'm thankful I only bought a little "airplane" sized bottle to try. Three sips and I poured it out. :mad:

By the way, I recommend trying that size bottle of whatever bourbons you're wanting to sample instead of buying a fifth or a liter. Most good bourbons can be found in the small bottles.


I’m by no means a pro or sophisticated bourbon drinker, I prefer Makers Mark, myself, but my wife and I completed the bourbon trail on our honeymoon, and we sampled from 7 distilleries and some had two or 3 different grades, and of them all our two favorites were the Four Roses Small Batch, followed by the Elijah Craig 18year Old Single Barrel. The only problem with the Four Roses is that it is currently only available in Kentucky, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Colorado, California and Tennessee; however, they are phasing in about three states a year. The Elijah Craig is available almost every where, and both run about $45 per bottle, at least at the distillery the Four Roses was $45, and in my local liquor store the Elijah Craig was $48. Then, if you can’t get either of those, or try them and want others again I prefer Makers Mark, but you really can’t go wrong, at least with the 80 to 90 proof bourbons, the over 90 proof ones may not be exactly smooth. Of those that we tried the only one that to me was unpalatable was the Baker’s 107proof from the Jim Beam distilleries, however, the Booker’s 120-127proof was much better that the Baker’s.


Hate to continue the threadjack, but JW Black is my favorite blend, neat. Lots of tastes here, the fun is trying them all.


My everyday pour is Elijah Craig 12yo. It's on the inexpensive end of the spectrum but I find I like it better than many of the premium labels. For some reason I don't care for the 18yo. And if you find you prefer the taste of Bulleit then start looking into rye whiskey as well since that one is about as close to rye as a bourbon can get and still call itself bourbon.