Macanudo Vintage 2000


A.K.A. Vanderburg
Now, the hard part of reviewing gift cigars is eliminating your preconceived notions of a cigar you might have previously disliked and reviewing it as pure as possible. This gift cigar was given to me by HK3. I thank you for the gift and hope you enjoy the review.

I tried to my best ability to remove my preconceived notions of Macanudo. It is like I told my students about reading Hemingway. You have to find a way to read the text without allowing all the stuff you have heard about Hemingway himself...You have to read Hemingway without considering the social commentary about Hemingway himself...if you can do that, you will find a very good writer telling very interesting--to say the least--stories.

This cigar does really look good in that glass container.

Have not smoked a cigar this big in a while.

The cap looks good as well.

The foot also shows signs of nice construction.

The pre-light draw did not reveal any major taste.

The first third of the cigar was problematic. I really enjoyed the first centimeter...a nice woodsy taste...then a harsh bark taste would appear...that taste would dissipate and the nice woodsy taste would appear. The cigar continued like that.

The second third of the cigar tasted the same to me, but the barky taste occurred less. The minimizing of the bark taste made the second third of the cigar better.

The final third of the cigar all the way to the nub added a nicotine taste to the woodsy taste. the bark taste abated, making the cigar much better at the end.

The construction of the cigar was great.

I normally really dislike Macanudos, but this cigar was much better than expected, however, the barky taste really pulled the score down for this cigar. I would rate this cigar a 7.6 out of 10.

Again, thank you very much HK3.


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Thank you for an honest review!!!

"Preconceived notions" suck.....:r:D

I also dislike it when my cigars "bark" at me.:hn:D:)


Alpha Buttcrack
Thanks for the review.

I wonder if this cigar would taste any different if taken out of the tube and left to mingle with other cigars?

Maybe we have an experiment to try?