Me vs Nicotine - score: 0:2


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You may find that strong cigars are not for you at all. I realised that after much trial and error.

Physiology has something to do with it I believe. I am 6' and 165 lbs. I am not built for heavy construction work, boxing, working in a steel plant or being a bouncer at a club. I'm also not suited for smoking Tatauje Cojonus.

Don't give it another thought. You'll find what you like in the lighter range. I smoke a lot of Fuente regular line, Ashton and Davidoff. And one more thing - for people like us, nubbing is not such a great idea.

Cheers, Larry.


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If you didn't end up naked in your living room in just tube socks and tennis shoes trying to eat could have been much, MUCH worse.



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In summary:

  • Don't inhale
  • Stick to smaller smokes
  • Start with mild or mild-medium strength, work up as your stomach allows (or your palate demands)
  • Stick with the Natural or Cameroon Wrappers
  • Don't chew the end
  • Ask the local B&M for good starter sticks
  • Keep sugar handy, eat it as soon as you start feeling sick.
  • Take regular drinks of something to cleanse the pallet.... sugary drinks may make good sense for a newbie.
  • Smoke slower. A couple of puffs a minute (or less) will do ya
  • If you got sick one night, give it a rest for a couple before trying again.
  • Smoke on a full stomach
  • Stay away from cardio while smoking. Sit down, relax, enjoy.
  • Don't give up, it gets better.
  • watch p* keep your mind occupied
  • don't leave the cigar in your mouth if you're not puffing
  • Strong cigars may not be for you, but there is something out there you'll love.
and last but not least....
  • spit, don't swallow :ss
Looks like solid advice. I've seen many of these in one post or another.. Is there any collection of newbie smoker do's and don'ts that I should have seen these in before posting?

As soon as the weather cooperates, I'll give it another shot... Thanks everybody!


Will Herf for Food....
If I could bump your ring guage I would for that last post. Well put, and quite funny.

Another mild-med brand you may want to try is Romeo y Julieta. Try any of their regular line. Some of their reserve/maduro stuff is med-full.


More cigars Sanchez!
Are you a diabetic or borderline? Nicotine drops your blood-sugar level making you feel that way. Like others mentioned, have a sugar packet ready or have a always sweet drink while smoking. I like to have a cola.

BWT, most smaller cigars are blended to be stronger whereas churchills are blended to be milder.