Menlo Park - Knickerbockers Cigars


C is for cookie
Knickerbockers cigars is located at 555 Santa Cruz Ave in Menlo Park, CA. It is owned by Bill Davis, the owner of West Coast Cigars in San Jose, CA. Knickerbockers offers a wide variety of great cigars, pipes, cigarettes, and accessories. It's open until 10pm Mon-Thur and until Midnight Fri and Sat nights, closing at 7 on Sunday.

Come on down and check us out!

Your friends at Knickerbockers and West Coast Cigars


Young Ape
I stopped in for a smoke last week and had an excellent time.
A swanky joint indeed. Stained glass, comfy furniture.
The waitress from the bar/restaurant next door makes frequent trips into the shop to take orders and deliver beer and food.
The shop looks pretentious, but feels exactly opposite.
Friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Great shop! Keep it up!

chocolate amore

Newbie in the jungle
Knickerbockers kicks ass! When winter comes and its cold and rainy, its gonna be a great place to smoke, drink, and enjoy some french onion soup from next door. Not that all that stuff isn't enjoyable right now! Anyway you get the point.


Young Chimp
Knickerbockers is a great place to hang out. Very friendly and knowledgable staff. Having the bar next door is a huge plus, as well.