Menu for my time out of town.

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Well, I packed my 10 cigar caddy to the brim and headed out yesterday. About to have my first one on my two week trip.

My menu for the trip:
Opus X xXx
Opus X #5
Anejo #50
CAO Brazilia Gol!
DCM Stanford's 90th (thanks to Moki!)
Aurora 100 anos robusto
El Rico Habano Robusto
Torano Exodus 1959 Silver Robusto
RP OWR (thanks to Smokin' Machinist!)
LFD Coronado double corona

Some of these I've really been wanting to try and haven't had the chance yet, but I hope to take advantage of the good weather and smoke at least 8 of them this two weeks!

Sorry, no pics, I don't have a camera with me.


Well... I think you have it covered!... I look forward to seeing you try to shut that case after you leave on Wednesday:ss ;)


Dave, an awesome setup for your trip! Hopefully you can keep some notes, interested in hearing about how you liked pretty much all of those (esp. the Anejo and the Stanford's 90th!). Have fun! :ss


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Entrepierna del Fuego
With that stash you could be visiting the in-laws and still look forward to the trip!

Enjoy. :ss

Actually, the in-laws where in town when I left! :r

I needed the cigar tonight.

As for tonight, I smoked the power ranger (OpusX xXx).

I've had one before thanks to Bruisedawg, and this was one a bit disappointing compared to the one he gave me. It wasn't bad, but the draw was a bit loose (still smokable, but a little more loose and it would have almost been a waste).

Despite being too loose, it actually was hard to keep lit. This could be to my travel humi being charged yesterday before I left. I am going to leave out the next cigar I smoke on the trip for a hour before I smoke to make sure.

Very quick ratings...

Construction: 7/10 (low for an Opus. It wasn't badly constructed, but not up to Opus standards)

Draw 3.5/10 (below 3 isn't smokable for me)

Taste 8/10 (taste was on par, but having to keep it lit hurt it a bit. Opus are normally 9/10 for me)

Appearance 8/10 (one small blemish on the wrapper)

Burn 5/10 at times it was hard to keep going, even though the draw wasn't tight.

I will say this, after about 10 minutes, I went inside to get a coke. Now, it barely buzzed me after having the coke, but after that first 10 min, I could tell I needed some sugar or it was going to get the best of me. I don't think my sushi for a late dinner was enough food to have the power ranger.


Sancho Panza Addict
Sounds like you set yourself up for a great trip! Sorry to hear about the disappointing power ranger. They are quickly becoming one of my favorite Opus'. Let us know how the others go!

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Had two of them tonight at Serious Cigars in Houston.

First was the Staford's 90th thanks to Moki!

I really enjoyed this one! Churchill sized and tasted great! Even burn, great draw and didn't need touch ups. The only negative is that the taste turned a bit towards the end and wasn't that great at that point, but that was only the last inch or less that I smoked, and I almost nubbed it. I'd rate it very highly if they didn't cost so darn much.

The second was an Opus X #4 or #5, not sure which one. I think it was gifted to me by Cigarbob. This was a freaking great cigar as well. Great taste and the draw and burn were much better than the power ranger the other night. It required a few touch ups, but nothing major, and almost needed relit towards the end, but I purged it and it was fine. Great cigar. I'm really starting to like these Opus X cigars.

Sauer Grapes

Entrepierna del Fuego
A little late, and there may not be much interest, but here's a mini review of everything I had on my trip.

My original menu
Opus X xXx - Disappointing. burn problems, taste was on, but it was hard to enjoy

Opus X #5 - This was actually a #4. I think cigarbob gave it to me, but I can't rememer. Two words, freaking awesome. best opus I've had to date. Burn and taste were right on!

Anejo #50 - Two words, freaking amazing'er. Best cigar of the trip. I nubbed this farther than any cigar I ever have. Seriously, it was on the top 10, maybe top 5 individual cigars I've ever smoked!

CAO Brazilia Gol! - Not up to brazilia par. Enjoyable enough, but some burn problems and the flavors never exploded like brazilias are known to do.

DCM Stanford's 90th (thanks to Moki!) - Great cigar! Burn was right on, taste was great. I'll have to try a normal DCM to see what the differences are as far as taste and which one I like more, but this one was milder.

Aurora 100 anos robusto - mild and smooth, but very good tasting. Not worth the price IMO. Thank you opusxox, as this is one of many of the cigars from the noobie holiday contest.

El Rico Habano Robusto - two words, pure crap. had been resting in the humi for almost 6 months, but this was really crap.

Torano Exodus 1959 Silver Robusto - Gave to a friend who occasionally smokes, he loved it. Said it was one of the best he's had.

RP OWR (thanks to Smokin' Machinist!) - Great cigar as well. Thanks Ted! Oddly enough, the best taste in this cigar was in the start. It stayed good till about the last third and then got very stale, even after purging. Overall a good cigar, and I am very happy I got to try one.

LFD Coronado double corona - Good, not great. Definitely not the #2 cigar of the year as CA says. Burn problems throughout, but this was the last one of the trip, so it was in the travel humi for two weeks. Could have been dry. Anyway, taste was good, but nothing special. LFD DL Maduros def kick this cigar's butt.

I also made a trip to Serious Cigars the first week. Picked up an AF Cuban Beli SG which I haven't smoked yet and two LDF DL Chiselito Maduros.

The Chiselitos were freaking amazing. They are becoming one of my go tos and will probably be one of my next box purchases if my tastes don't change before I buy another box (I'm really trying to be good about my cigar spending!).

Overall, this was the most cigars I've ever smoked in a two week period. There were definitely some great ones and a few bad ones, but I enjoyed it.

Best of the week: Anejo 50
runner up: tie, stanfords 90th and the Opus X #4 (I'm not biased towards AF brands, but they really outshined the competition this time).

Worst: El Rico Habano Robusto, by far.