Monte Carlo Robusto


CS Cog
I was very impressed with this cigar. My B&M really praised this cigar, so I bought, not thinking much. I've had it in my humi for nearly 3 months without much temptation to smoke it until curiosity got me tonight.

The cigar feels solid in the hands. Nice, silky wrapper, good construction.

Cigar was one-dimensional, but had a rich Nicaraguan flavor to it. The finish killed it a little since it had a rather chemical taste to it at times, but the flavor was really nice. Very smooth smoke, no harshness for me as others have mentioned. Maybe the few months at a stable humidity corrected this. I'd classify this as mild to medium bodied. I forget the price I paid for this stick, but if it's in the $3-$4 dollar range, I will definitely pick up a few more. There is an event hosted by Monte Carlo, or the makers of it, at my B&M, so I will attend and enjoy some there.


What would Skeeter do?
They used to have these at CI, but not any longer. I don't even think they have any tail-enders at c-bid. I'm not sure where you can find these now, but perhaps they can help you over at Caribe.
I think these went in the $2 range when you bought a box.


What would Skeeter do?
I asked Christian Eiroa over at Caribe & he said that the new blend for the Monte Carlo (Criollo) is available in the Texas market at this time, so it has been re-blended.

It looks like they are floating a balloon in your state. :)

BTW, I don't personally know Christian. They have a forum on their website & Christian regularly answers questions from regular guys like us. I am always impressed with the approachability of many of the "names" in the cigar industry. :)