More (less invasive) surgery for Mack =/


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If you would please. He is having surgery to repair a condition known as Chiari Malformation.This will keep him down for a while but is a very successful procedure and will bring him relief from the symptoms CM causes.

Thanks Everyone!
God's blessings to Mack!

Will keep him in my prayers.

Kiwi Michelle

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Please keep us updated Dave - I know that if you could swap places with Mack you would.
We will be sending him lots of hugs from downunder. You tell him Aunty Kiwi told him to be strong and get well real quick!


no..not THAT Dave!
Thanks for the thoughts and prayers everyone :)

Mack had his surgery on wed and the Doctor said it went well.
He was released this morning,I'm waiting impatiently for them to get home :D