Most smoke ever.


Horny for Zorny
So which stogie has really blown you away with the quantity of smoke it produced?

I've always enjoyed watching the drifting and swirling of the smoke, it really adds to the relaxation factor fr me.

The Habanos Torres just blew me away. I literally coldn't see my hand a foot away thru the smoke. It was a wonderful smoke... now I need to get another:ss


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Every time I smoke a Sancho Panza DM La Manche I cant believe how much smoke its billowing at rest. By far the most smoke from any cigar I have smoked.


Bax I have to agree, the most smoke I've gotten has been from a Habanos Torres cigar. It was about 14" long and about 60 ring gauge at the middle. Gigantic ugly stick. It smoked itself.

Big D

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Sancho Panza Doble Maduro Lancero 6x54. Tons of smoke. Looks like a bug bomb went off on my porch when I smoke one. :ss