Music to smoke stogies to.......


Young Ape
If I am ever stumped on what to listen to I alwasy turn to It is the best way to get exposed to new artists in genres of music you like!:tu


Davidoff Stalker
Almost invariably I listen to stuff from the 1930s and 40s while smoking a cigar. Artie Shaw, Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, that kind of thing.


Young Ape
steely dan
String cheese incident anything from 2000
david byrne solo projexts and talking heads
herbie hancock
earl klugh
peter rowan


Maturing Primate
I tend to listen to Buffett, Bob Marley, Company Segundo, Buena Vista Social Club or various Rat Pack members while puffin' away. You can't beat Frank or Dean. Robbie Williams has a few songs in my playlist from his "Swing when you're winning" album as well as Michael buble. Not too bad. :tu


Young Ape
Usually i find myself listening to anything along the lines of funk or reggae like some zappa, primus, bad brains, or chili peppers :w


Lowland Gorilla
in the evenings, usually jazz - miles, coltrane, adderly, lee morgan, dexter gordan, monk, rollins, the usual suspects - great show to check out, typically broadcast on local public radio, or maybe NPR, is "Jazz with Bob Parlocha" - nobody knows more about the art form than this guy. here's his website:

that - and a healthy dose of tom waits sprinkled in, as well...


Maturing Primate
It's just amazing, and I'm not kidding. If you start Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, and light a Pepin blue at exactly the same time, they are perfectly synchronized, puff for musical movement. And when the songs change, the flavor notes of the pepin exactly the same time!!!!!!!!! It may be urban legend, but I think Don Pepin was listening to DSOTM when he was blending that one. I swear it's true.