my little brother.


My little brother has been in poor health for about 11 or 12 years. He is 37 years old and over these 11 or so years he has been dealing with open sore over his entire body. His skin is now purple. 2 years ago the sores cleared up and be began to have back pain. The doctors found and removed a benign tumor from his spine along with 2 vertebrae.

He had almost 2 years of somewhat better health. He has able to move around and amost no sores. Recently the sore retuned and infections set in. His abdomen and hips have swelled to enormous sizes in a matter of a weak, fluids are draining from the skin like sweat.

I visited him in the hospital friday and one of the many doctors that are trying to find out whats going on came in and said that he has non hodgkins anaplastic large cell lymphoma throughout his body. He begins chemo today. The chemo will lower the white blood cells and this will effect the infections.
He has a very good attitude about his whole thing. His only complaint is that he is a 37 year old man and his mother is changing his bed pan.

Sorry for some of the graphic detail.
Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.


Maturing Primate
Prayers on the way my friend. There is nothing more difficult, then watching a sick loved one suffer. You feel powerless. God Bless your brother and your family. Keep us posted.


the monk of fonk
I can't imagine typing out that post, you are a strong man. I'll pass this prayer request on to my little brother