My uncle died last night


Lowland Gorilla
He's been battling cancer in his chest, and just when he got over that they find a tumor in his head that ended up putting too much pressure on part of his brain that controls the vital organs, and so last night after about a day of being in a coma he passed.

It's sad because he was such a great guy, he did everything he could for people, always was positive even when things were down for him. I'm going to miss the guy know my family is taking this hard as well.

This has been said a lot but it's true. Life is short, don't put off seeing your friends and family, or hold off on that special something for a day that may never come.

The funeral is Thursday, so I may or may not be around much this week.


C is for cookie
I lost my brother a few years ago and my best friend told me some very valuable words, I'll pass them on.

"Instead of mourning his death, celebrate his life".

It's hard I know, you and yours are in my thoughts.


Lowland Gorilla
Thanks for all your support and prayers, I showed my aunt this post and she hugged me and started crying and said thank you for taking the time to think of her and the family.