Nasty Find


My Other Brother Darrell
Hey... That's a tobacco bee... yeah... also known as a Havana Angel... Yeah... and um... Those are good luck... Yeah, um, that's the ticket!!!:r


Evolving Lead Gorilla
I smoked a gnat in a Casa Torano a few weeks ago. It was just under the wrapper--something had flared up at the edge of the burn, and when I looked closely I could see the crispy little critter, wings and all. Tried to take a picture, but my digital doesn't do macro well. Tasted just like chicken.


Admiral Douche Bag
:tpd: Has just a hint of toasted insect on the finish. The guys from Cigar Aficianado could probably smoke it and tell you what type of insect it was.:D
The guys from Cigar Aficianado would probably miss the bug altogether and give it a 93. ;)


Young Ape
Recently found a small, totally dessicated salamander in a cigar. It looked at first glance like a small whole leaf with stem--closer examination showed eyes, nose, toes and tail............yum:bl