Need help finding a lighter


Young Chimp
So I'm a newbie and I went all over the city today to find the Ronson Jetlite. Duane Reade, CVS you name it (No walmarts here) and could not find anything! The reason I would like this lighter is because Im a student on a tight budget and this lighter seems to get excellent reviews. So I ee no point in spending ~$20 on a "better" lighter.

Can you guys recommend an online vendor where that caries these? Any suggestions? Your help is much appreciated.


Also look at CVS and various drugstores for cheap Colibri Firebirds. I got one for $9 at the local CVS, and it's been spectacular. It's one of those ones that has one cylinder with the jet and fuel in it, and another cylinder with the button/ignition assy in it (It works far better than the $15 CI Firebird I used previously).

edit: it's this lighter:


I throw Ronson fuel in it, and it's been working just fine. The secret is to make sure it's completely empty of any fuel before refilling.

Going this route may save you a bit, since the Jetlite from Ronsonstore is like $15 after shipping if you buy only one unit.


Young Chimp
Just want to say thanks again! I received the lighter and some Cigars as well. Much appreciated, thank you!


Young Ape
Mine has lasted for the past 12 months. The piece of $hit colbri lighter that my wife bought me for $45 lasted about 3 months plus the ronson is about $3.
I do believe that answers my question for which lighter NOT to get :)

*goes off in search of a ronson locally*