Need some help picking


I am sure in the past many posts have been made similar to this but I am not finding enought time to read everything that I need/want to read on here so I hope you guys don't mind me posting this..........

As I mentioned in my little newbie intro a buddy of mine is going to St. Louis in a few weeks and we are trying to decide how to take advantage of this cigar purchasing opportunity.

I know this may all sound crazy and like a lot of work but him and his wife are allowed to bring back 50 gars each duty we will be able to spend more money on the sticks themselves and not have to worry about anything else.

Ok so now that I have rambled on forever and bored most of you what I need help with is this.....

We thought the best course of action would be to order them from say and have them shipped to where he is staying. Are they one of the better places to order from and if so what do you all recommend we buy?

We are looking for something in a medium strength. We want to keep the budget around $200 - $250 so if we can get 1 really awesome box for that price then cool......but better yet if we can get 2 boxes then we would be even more happy.

Thanks in advance for all the input.


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I would always recommend the CAO Brazillias if you like maduro cigars :) Also CAO Black are very nice.
Something a little milder that I also like and is very affordable, is the Saint Luis Rey. Very good cigar, smooth, a little on the milder side.

I haven't had one yet but everyone here raves about the La Vieja Habana's by Drew Estate. those are very cheap, around 25 bux a box... so you could pick up quite a few of those :) if you order from JR's, try some samplers and such, you can get a good range of cigars. also check out cigarsinternational. between those two, i'm sure you can find some good specials to fill your shopping cart :)


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Jr's is great is great

There are many many reliable ones....but these two are competitive.

As for what to order....I'll leave this to the FOG's...I like everything.

(throw in a box of consegra #9 maduro from JR on top of your order ...$22 for 25...great smoke..Many will agree)


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Get some Rocky Patels (any type). I also recommend some Alec Bradley Pryme Tyme's, or some Arturo Fuente's (pick your poison, they are practically all good), or some La Gloria Cubanas etc etc. There are so many to choose from; choose well and good luck ;)


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You should be able to get two very good boxes within your price range. The Arturo Fuente Hemingway line is amazing with the Best Seller size running around $135. I also recommend a box of thousands series Padrons in Maduro, my favorite size (2000) only costs about $80 and would nicely fill out your budget .


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You could get a box of Padron around $80 and a box of 20 Rocky Patel Vintage around $150. These are two of my favorite smokes right now.


I say hit some local stores in St. Louis, you are in luck there is a JR's there. Low tobacco tax as well, only 10% on cigars.:2


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You know I am not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but I would seriously look at some Padron thousand series and maybe some Rocky Patel Edges or Vintages. Of course that is just me. If that does not work out, look at some REO, Nording, or Serie 601 also by Rocky Patel. I might also look at some CAO MX2s, Brazilia, and Italia.



I agree with evryone above so aas not to introduce more confusion. You cannot go wrong with:

Fuente - Heingways
Padron - Thousand Series
Rocky Patel - 1990, 1992, Sungrown, Edge
CAO - Gols

Have you tried any of these or are you buying blind? If you are buying blind do yourself a favor and search for reviews on this site and Top25Cigars. I have bought several boxes without ever having tried the cigar before but I made sure to read several reviews and make sure that it fit into a flavor profile that I enjoy and to make sure the consensus is good on the gar. So far I have not bought a box that I have not enjoyed. I don't think you can go wrong with anything mentioned above. If you end up not liking them I am sure you could find a trade. Good Luck with your purchase.


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You can get a box of RP Vintage and a box of AF Short Story or Torano Exodus 59 and be in you price range. If you want to spend another $25 or $30 you can pick up a box of Padron 64 principe (more full flavored) and another box of something cheaper like the Exodus. Seriouscigars has free ground shipping on most boxes.


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I agree with all of the Padron Thousand series people as well as the CAO Brazilia, but I'll throw my :2 in and recommend LGC's as well. I've never had their Series R, but I hear that's a mighty fine smoke too. Need to try me one of those!

I will say though, some find these three (Padro, Brazilia and LGC) to be a bit stronger than medium strength. A good medium smoke (IMO) is the Guhrka Doble Maduro. Definitely not a strong maddy. Oh, and the Rocky Patel Vintage lines......too many choices!

If you are going to order on line and can bring back 50 max., you may want to consider broadening your selection and get a bunch of fivers to try. Be a bit more tricky to split between 2 people though

BTW, I do most of my buying from They haven't let me down.....yet!

Good Luck!


Thanks for all the advice guys.......I just went and picked up a Padron 2000 to try....$25 cdn! If I like them then it is an amazing deal picking up a box online.

It really is great the selection of Cigars we have here in Canada but the prices are just stupid!


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I would do two things. First, I would check out C-bid and see what is out there in your price range (probably 2 or more boxes easy in the dollar amount you mentioned). Then I would read the descriptions on the sale site AND read the reviews in the Top 25 Database on the ones that look interesting. You should be able to gleen a good amount of information from that technique. Also, if you have a cigar shop near by it can be to your benifit to see what is on C-bid or other discount site and see if you can find a single to sample. That could be a tall order, but worth a shot.

Good luck to you!:)


Well I picked up one Padron 2000 to is just crazy expensive here. So if I like it and I think I will (Seems to be a fav of many people) then I will start getting stuff off the net. I don't mind buying singles to try but if I like something there is no way I would dish out $600 for a box when I can order it online at a fraction of the cost.

You guys have given me a lot of great information....thank you. Now I just need to read as many reviews as I can, sample a few and then take the plunge!