Need To Circle The Wagons for Silverfox!


I Love Mondays!
Just got a text from Fox that he's been admitted to the hospital. His pulsox is low.

More details when I get them.

I would just like to ask that you include Shawn and his family in your thoughts and prayers until he gets back to the jungle.

Send him a PM telling him enough of this :BS and get back with us. Just might make him smile!



Seven Down 33 to Go
this place is amazing thank all of you.

so far no joy, they have ruled out a bunch of things including pneumonia which is what I was tread for in the first place

I am on blood thinners as a precautionary for blood clots more tests and back in the hospital tomorrow they where going to keep me the night but I asked if that was necessary the answer was get a good nights sleep and we will see you back in the morning.

Looks like I am in for another full day of poking, prodding, taking fluids, giving fluids and being run through huge machines.

to be honest I am really sick of this shit

I will keep you posted my friends thank you for your thoughts