Need To Circle The Wagons for Silverfox!


Flying Ape
Wheres Doctor Greg House when you need him ! Let me know if you need anything Shawn. Best wishes for you and the family.


Elder Jungle Leader
Hey Shawn,

Praying for healing and strength for you. Get better... get out of the hospital... and get bombing! :tu


Evolving Lead Gorilla
Prayers going out to you and your family. And to the doctors that are working on you, that they may find what is wrong and put you on a fast track to health!


I Love Mondays!
Shawn just checked in. Needs to talk with one more Doc and do one more test and then maybe he can go home. I think he's more tired of the testing than what actually has a hold of him.

Will update as I can.

Thanks for everything everyone.


Elder Jungle Leader
Thanks foir the updates Al!!

Wishing Shawn the best and a very quick and full recovery.

God bless!