New here, Need humidor

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I'm with floyd on this one.

In light of recent past events I thought this was a Booyah.

Clubstogie - I believe the advice here is pretty simple and straightforward - if you are really tight on the funds a freezer size ziploc and a couple 65% humipacks thrown into the frig are exactly what you need.

On a seperate note - with your nick you are going to draw quite a bit of attention and very likely scrutinized more than other new members.

Three simple steps to make your stay enjoyable and be a good part of the community:

1). Read the stickies - under Home at the top of this page - kind of a road map for the Forum and will answer most of your initial questions

2). Read more - post less

3). The Good Neighbor Policy is in effect here - you will find lots of great people and a wealth of knowledge here

Welcome to the Forum.



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I still think this is a certain someone living in California with a good sense of humor, but we'll see.

If not, sorry, and maybe you should introduce yourself in the new gorilla forum and get involved in a few nst's.

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A wooden cigar box you can get from the local shop for either free or $2 would work just fine until you get the funds for something better. I'd offer to send something I used, but it wouldn't be much better than the cigar box and those are made with spanish cedar.

If you do grab a box let me as I may have some extra beads to send; have to double check.

And thanks for not dancing around what you wanted/needed and just asked? Seriously!


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Im going out on a limb here.... but look at the avatar (green grass)...look at the quote (Lawn) is in bold, check out the profile pic (nice green lawn).

Or maybe clubstogie just really likes lawns...seems ironic thats all.

Kumar-esque perhaps?...If not my apologies.

Go with a zip lock or tupperware :2


FWIW, I was in Wally*World last night and saw a tupperware-type storage container with 4 locking latches, one on each side of the lid. I didn't measure the container, but it was made for putting a loaf of bread in. It appeared that you could put about 2 corona/robusto sized cigar boxes in it comfortably. It was $6 and change. That and a Boveda pack and I'd think you'd have some safely stored smokes for cheap, with the benefit of beinf able to store them in their cedar boxes.