New perspective on cigar purchasing


CS Cog
Last night I was out for dinner and decided to come home to have a cigar instead of going out because I just wanted to relax. When I go out on Friday or Saturday nights, I can easily spend about $40 on drinks, coffee or whatnot. The past few months, however, I have been staying in more to cook and have a nice cigar.

The way I saw it yesterday was a box purchase is basically an investment of 25+ hours... an entire day. That's a considerable amount of time you get out of a purchase, unlike many other products you can buy and this is 25 hours of pure pleasure. I don't know how much money I've actually saved the past 2 months staying home to cook a meal and smoke a cigar rather than going out to try and relax. A cigar is just that for me and it's well worth the investment. I'm not saying it is a substitute for going out with friends and family, but it sure gives me a good alternative some nights. If you're like me, I hope this makes you feel a little better about spending $100 this past week on cigars.


Lowland Gorilla
Nice outlook on things Daniel. I agree with the relaxation. If I'm wired or in a bad mood, I just can't smoke a cigar. It totally ruins it for me. I have to wait until I'm calm to enjoy it. That's why some days I don't smoke any, but others I may smoke 2 or 3.



Cigar Ninja
It's all about relaxing. You can always tell how happy and relaxed a person is by the quality of their investment into their relaxation time. Nice perspective bro. :cool:


Head to the grindstone...
I feel the same way. Instead of going out so often, my wife and I cook at home. For the cost of a meal at a restaurant, we can buy lots of premium food from the grocery store and make fabulous meals.

Same with going out to a bar. Instead of dropping a load of cash there, we usually buy good beer from a distributor.


In my office at the Bing
It is definately more relaxing in your own home. Especially after a nice home cooked meal. Plus all you have to do is keep your own bar stocked with what you want and you are all set.

I agree and do the same most of the time.



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Yup I totally agree it's about the relaxation and I can't burn a cigar if I am not in the mood. BBQ, beer and a cigar that about as good as it gets.